Bolloré Thin Papers makes only lightweight opaque papers.

We have no other efforts that distract us, so we focus 100% of our attention on making the finest thin papers in the world in the most sustainable manner.

Bolloré Thin Papers sets the standard in the quality, consistency and run-ability for lightweight opaque papers.

Compare Bolloré Thin Papers to any other and you can see and feel the difference.

As the leader in thin paper, Bolloré Thin Papers makes the lightest weight thin opaque paper available: 15 lbs basis weight Indopaque. And the lightest weight pharmaceutical insert paper: 21 lbs basis weight Primapharm. And the only thin paper made with recycled content: Primagreeen and Primacoat Green.

Bolloré Thin Papers has led the way in sustainability:

  • Bolloré Thin Papers is the first paper manufacturer to undertake a Life Cycle Assessment - a true “accounting” of the potential impact of our papers on the environment throughout all their life stages, from the extraction of natural resources to the final processing of waste.
  • Creating the first ever recycled thin paper - Primagreen.
  • Establishing a new approach to the development of paper - eco-design - that allows us to better anticipate the environmental impact of our papers by integrating data into the software to simulate new formulas that improve the environmental performance of our products.
  • Being the first FSC certified thin paper manufacturer, and use pulps certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
  • Replacing titanium dioxide coating with sustainable PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate).

Bolloré Thin Papers offers what may be the most comprehensive training on thin paper, from its manufacture to its uses to production and printing assistance : PDL Training