leadership team

The Management Team of Bolloré Thin Papers has worked to create the position that the company enjoys as the leader in the lightweight opaque paper category. Each team member brings a unique experience from the paper category to Bolloré Thin Papers, and from their individual area of expertise they enable the company to meet its goals. Together with about 370 employees of Bolloré Thin Papers, the leadership team represents the most effective group of personnel in the industry.

Michel Rességuier

President of Bolloré Thin Papers

Michel Rességuier specialises in managing companies who want to strengthen their economic model. His meticulous and dynamic approach to companies undergoing change  is a real vehicle for improvement, which has proved successful in Europe as well as France. In addition to an undergraduate degree from ESSEC (a leading French business school) and a DESCF post-graduate degree in accounting and finance, Michel also has a great deal of experience in financial advising  with companies of Bolloré Thin Papers' calibre. Michel Rességuier will be assisted by Manuel Gonzalez and Pierre Chuffart.

Stéphane Barbereau

Director of Papeteries du Léman

After having worked for more than a decade in the paper industry at companies such as Condat, Papeteries des Châtelles and Arjowiggins, Stéphane Barbereau joined Bolloré Thin Papers in 2008 as a Production Line Manager for PM 3 and 4 then Industrial Director. He graduated as an engineer from PAGORA (formerly EFPG - École Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques de Grenoble).

Marc Gilardi

Director of Papeteries des Vosges

Prior to joining Bolloré Thin Papers in 2004 as a Production Manager of the PDV industrial performance improvement program, Marc Gilardi worked for Matussière & Forest, a French leading producer of newsprint and coated papers as well as paper products for the publishing industry. Since then, he has since held the position of Operating Manager and later on of Industrial Director, before he was appointed PDV's Director in 2009. Marc Gilardi graduated as an engineer from PAGORA (formerly EFPG - École Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques de Grenoble) in 1992.