Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit 2013

The 27 and 28 June, Bolloré Thin Papers has attended the summit in Basel, not only as a sponsor but also as an exhibitor and a speaker.

During a conference, Keith Rousell, international sales manager, presented a topic on the theme of sustainable development for the manufacture of paper for pharmaceutical leaflets, Bolloré Thin Papers being the ecological referent in its market.

As European leaders, our job is to produce premium thin paper solutions in response to market expectations for patient information leaflets in the pharmaceutical industry. As evidence of its commitment, Bolloré Thin Papers has created Primabrite and Primapharm, available from 32 g/m2, FSC and PEFC certified ranges of papers dedicated to this application. Exclusively manufactured using natural fibres and top-quality raw materials they both comply with the most demanding of printing and folding requirements. A comprehensive range, a facility comprising state of the art equipment including a devoted sheeting machine at Papeteries des Vosges, manufacturing campaigns every two weeks, all demonstrates our level of investment in this market.

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