biodiversity audit results

The Biodiversity Audit has revealed that the Papeteries du Léman operations are:

  • Fairly disruptive in terms of biodiversity: the site contains many green spaces with rare specimens of flowers and a wide variety of fauna.
  • Greatly dependent on services provided by nature. PDL uses fairly high quantities of water and yet, thanks to the integrate STEP as well as the closed circuits, almost all the water is reused and then put back into nature. In addition, in order to produce pulp, PDL consumes wood, hemp and flax, all of which are naturally used in a way that respects the sustainable management of natural resources.
  • After reviewing its recommendations, the agency agreed to examine an initiative programme to achieve more eco-friendly management of the site's natural areas (accounting for 75%) and to eliminate all abnormal practices, in a spirit of conciliation between biodiversity, safety and corporate image vis-à-vis its clients and partners.