primacoat green


Primacoat Green is the first thin 75% recycled coated paper.


Launched in October 2010, within the framework of the development of new environmentally friendly, FSC certified and 75% recycled paper solutions, Primacoat Green is the first creation resulting from the Bolloré Thin Papers eco-design unit. Ideal for publishing your catalogues or mailings.


  • High whiteness
  • Good opacity
  • First class run-ability  
  • High stiffness 
  • Available in 50, 55 and 60 g/m2

environmental aspects

  • Lighter weight significantly reduces environmental impact versus heavier papers
  • 75% recycled and FSC certified
  • Reduced environmental impact (see image below)

    Gas emissions causing greenhouse        Water consumption              Total consumption                      Wastes
effect originating from fossil fuels and          and pollution                     of primary energy

see Primacoat Green specifications