The state of the market quickly showed that technology was complex and there were many printing methods in this field. Also, along with this development, Bolloré Thin Papers worked closely with big reproduction material manufacturers and created two specific ranges dedicated to digital printing.

PrimaJet, made for ink jet technology, available in 40, 45 and 50 g/m2, the pigmented type, is particularly suited for ink jet printing in one or four colour printing for books with illustrations.


  • Thin paper, lighter than standard paper for digital printing,
  • Excellent machinability,
  • Volume at 1.17: the thinness of the paper makes it possible to print large volume jobs,
  • High opacity so you can print on both sides,
  • Exceptional condition of the surface of the paper guarantees excellent results in printing,
  • Very pleasant feel.

environmental aspects

  • Designed in accordance with strict environmental and technological constraints which apply specifically to this method of printing.
  • Digital printing is in real boom and we purpose thin papers more environmentally friendly.