primapage new

A thin, lightweight, opaque offset paper dedicated to exceptional monochromatic printing and superior readability.


Primapage new is the perfect multi-purpose thin opaque paper. Its consistency provides remarkable reel and sheet-fed printing performance, and its high opacity and low strike-through make it the ideal paper for the easy reading of text. Primapage papers have been reviewed with our unique Life Cycle Assessment to reduce the use of natural resources and creation of greenhouse gas emissions in their production.


  • High opacity provides for low strike-through
  • Neutral whiteness means optimal reading comfort
  • Rigidity ensures good run-ability for reel and sheet-fed printing
  • Offered in white and ivory
  • Available from 29 to 60 g/m2 basis weights

environmental aspects

  • Eco analyzed to evaluate and guide its environmental impact
  • Available made to FSC or PEFC certifications standards