Thinner and lighter than any paper made for pharmaceutical inserts, Primapharm offers printability, reproduction and readability equal to heavier papers in an easy-folding paper.


The demands on pharmaceutical inserts keep growing: minimum font sizes, added information, multi-lingual text. That’s why Bolloré Thin Papers has created Primapharm, an ultra-lightweight, quality paper that allows more text to be included in the same amount of paper. Clean and consistent, with high opacity for low strike-through and superior brightness for enhanced readability, Primapharm gives pharmaceutical companies a new option to help keep up with the constant changes in regulations.


  • Thinner and lighter than standard pharmaceutical papers
  • Whiteness consistent with heavier paper standards, ensuring very good legibility
  • Superior opacity to standard pharmaceutical leaflet papers
  • Excellent run-ability
  • Perfectly suited to folding
  • Available from 32 g/m2 to 60 g/m2 basis weights

environmental aspects

  • Lighter weight significantly reduces environmental impact versus traditional, heavier weight papers
  • Available made to FSC or PEFC certifications standards