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No matter what you’re printing or publishing, today’s thin, lightweight opaque papers should be considered. They not only have a significant positive impact on the environment, using substantial fewer resources and creating far less waste than standard heavier papers, but the printing quality now makes thin papers hard to tell apart from heavier papers. With reproduction characteristics such as high opacity, bright whiteness, high surface consistency, low strike-through and bleed-through characteristics, good run-ability, and a wonderful tactile feel, the market is going thin.

Bolloré Thin Papers is the thin paper specialist. All we do is make thin, lightweight opaque papers. Paper that is inherently better for the environment because it uses less pulp, fewer resources and produces fewer emissions and less waste in its creation. Paper that has the highest opacity levels and brightest, most consistent surfaces in the category. Paper that reproduces faithfully and runs on press beautifully. If the market is going thin, Bolloré Thin Papers are where the market is ending up.