mailing inserts

For many businesses and organizations, the inclusion of inserts in mailings is key to their success. But it can also be a large expense. What if you could reduce the amount of paper you use without changing the quality of the piece; would that help? Bolloré Thin Papers can show you how.

Bolloré Thin Papers is helping more and more direct marketers reduce their paper and postage costs by offering lighter weight papers with the same reproduction quality as their heavier counterparts. Light weight opaque papers offer more communication and selling space for the same cost, with papers that can be laser printed (including laser personalization and Scitex printing), and offer mechanical folding, pre-cutting, mechanical enveloping, gumming, scraping and machinability characteristics comparable to papers weighing much more. With high levels of opacity and low strike-through and bleed-through, Bolloré Thin Papers are the choice of today’s smart direct marketers.