PDL training

To know is to understand

Thin paper is a unique portion of the paper industry. And the more you know about it, the more effective you will be as a manager. As the leader in thin, lightweight papers, Bolloré Thin Papers offers Formapap-approved training that will allow you to learn everything about thin paper, from the manufacturing to the converting. Knowledge that will enable you to choose the most appropriate papers for you needs and to improve their use in your efforts.

Hervé Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel Bruneau and Jacques Wasserscheid, Heads of Technical Assistance, Julie Paccot, Marketing and Sustainability Manager, and the Bolloré Thin Papers team will accompany you during the entire training program.

Training from Bolloré Thin Papers is conducted at our facilities at Lake Geneva in France and is a comprehensive program of information ranging from the theoretical to the practical.

As an overview, your three days with Bolloré Thin Papers will include:

Paper production: Its history, production and characteristics. Mill visit

The life of paper: Converting, storage, printing, binding

Paper and Sustainable Development: Our commitment, our actions. Water treatment facility, biomass boiler visit

Our range: Presentation of our papers.

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Participants’ opinions

“Excellent organisation and a very enjoyable course! I will be recommending it to my colleagues!”
“Enthusiastic teaching! They really made us want to learn and exchange views.”
“A very warm welcome and supervision from all the staff!”
“The training was clear and precise. I found the answers to all of my questions.”
“Good and honest exchanges amongst the participants”
“Objective achieved! I now know the manufacturing process and the constraints applied to paper during its transformation. It will prove very useful to me when liaising with the printer and the finisher.”