technical assistance

Our expertise is at your service

« Knowing us better so as to serve you better and help you to benefit from our experience in thin papers.»

In this perspective, Bolloré Thin Papers is making a team of marketing, commercial, technical and logistics experts available especially to deal with issues you may encounter. Together and by your side, they seek the most adaptable solutions. They elaborate, implement and follow up customised programmes for respecting operations of each profession and confidentiality.

In this perspective,we offer a win-win solution which is all encompassing, aimed at reducing overall production costs by optimising paper use and its transformation process. Through advance consultancy, immediately from the design stage,it contributes towards optimising the transformation and logistics processes, and is high in economies.

As a fully-fledged stakeholder in the graphics sector, Bolloré Thin Papers has taken stock of the untapped areas for economies which this sector holds. Experiences led with pilot customers in France and the USA have allowed us to promote the effectiveness of this process:

•   Reduction of paper wastage by 5%
•   Reduction of machine downtime
•   Rationalisation of the logistics chain
•   Reduced franking costs
•   Reduction of paper purchasing costs by lowering weights

These considerable gains can represent up to 10% of paper usage costs. They are possible thanks to bespoke products with advanced techniques, allowing for technical performance to be combined with excellent results.