bolloré thin papers brands

Each paper from Bolloré Thin Papers is made to meet the demands of our customers, and our world. So when you use one of papers, you know you’ll have a finished piece that will reflect well on your business, and on the environment.

Thin, lightweight, recycled and FSC certified, Primagreen is the first eco-designed paper. And the best paper to meet the environmental demands of your customers and your own sustainable development policies. Learn more.

The industry standard in thin, lightweight paper for high-quality, 4-color printing on mat, coated or uncoated surfaces. Learn more.

Primacoat is a wood-free coated thin, lightweight paper with optical and mechanical characteristics equal to those of more traditional heavier coated papers. Learn more.

Primacoat Green is the first thin 75% recycled coated paper. Learn more.


A thin, lightweight, opaque offset paper dedicated to exceptional monochromatic printing and superior readability. Learn more.

Thinner and lighter than any paper made for pharmaceutical inserts, Primapharm offers printability, reproduction and readability equal to heavier papers in an easy-folding paper. Learn more..

Thinner and lighter in weight than its conventional equivalent, Primabrite is becoming the industry standard when a large volume of text needs to be printed in a confined space. Learn more.

Ultra-light, high-quality papers that are particularly suited to monochrome or multi-color printing, such as publishing religious and literary works. Learn more.

PrimaOne, offset quality thin paper, perfectly fits digital laser printing for any document that mainly contains black and white text, with or without accompanying colours (official reports, directories, phone books, etc.). Learn more.

PrimaJet, pigmented thin paper, is particularly suited for ink jet printing in one or four colour printing for books with illustrations. Learn more.