why thin paper?

In today’s global economy, where environmental and financial performance are intertwined, smarter resource management is critical. By using thin, lightweight papers, companies can go beyond supporting sustainable forests and recycled content initiatives to more actively reduce the trees and energy used, and the waste products created.

What is thin paper

Thin paper, sometimes called “lightweight opaque paper,” is high-quality, free-sheet paper ranging in basis weight from 22 to 60 gsm. It is much more durable and resistant to aging than the thin mechanical pulp, or groundwood paper often used for newspaper printing. The clean white surface and high opacity of thin paper make it ideal for high-quality reproduction, with far less impact on the environment.

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Thin paper benefits the environment

The environmental economics of paper usage are simple: the less paper used for a printed surface area, the more environmentally responsible the effort. Printing on thin, lightweight paper uses less paper. Along with less of about every other resource that is part of paper making, shipping, and disposal.

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For example, just reducing the basis weight of paper used from 45 gsm to 40 gsm dramatically reduces the number of trees used, the amount of energy and water used, and the solid waste and greenhouse gases created.

Thin paper makes financial sense

Lowering the weight of paper is a smart business decision for today, and tomorrow. Thin paper can provide both direct and indirect financial benefits. Less paper is purchased, while shipping and mailing costs are typically lower. And for many, using thinner paper helps avoid cutting productive pages from existing pieces as the solution to cutting costs.

Thin paper is smart marketing

The right use of thin papers will reduce the environmental and economic impact of your printing. But it won’t reduce the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The reproduction quality, feel and impact of your printed pieces will still reflect well on your brand, with more selling or information pages for the same weight as heavier papers. In addition, your printed pieces will be more in line with the environmental desires of consumers today.

Using thin paper is being a good corporate citizen

Consumers are looking for businesses to lead in corporate citizenry. And that’s especially true for a company’s environmental policies - one of the simplest, most impactful contributions you can make in this area is to “lighten up” your printing with thinner, lightweight paper. It’s the right thing to do for the planet. And for your company.