Based on the Life Cycle Assessment carried out on our products, eco-design ensures that natural resources are used effectively and that the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

This process involves incorporating environmental aspects into designing or re-designing products. We are able to determine its overall environmental performance or ‘environmental profile’ by looking at the environmental requirements (regulations, brand image, etc.) and the environmental impact of the product (consumption of resources, emissions into the atmosphere, production of waste, recycling at the end-of-life stage) considered on the product’s whole life cycle.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team (R&D, technical support and environmental staff), who can analyse the product’s impact and design future products with the environment in mind, Bolloré Thin Papers can develop thin papers that, in comparison with heavier, standard papers, have less of an impact on the environment, while still providing the same print quality, if not better.

satellite de pcc environnement eco-conception

We promise to

  • encourage our clients to opt for lower grammages
  • design our lightest papers in a way that’s eco-friendly
  • choose our suppliers based on how ‘green’ they are
  • replace titanium dioxide with PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate) in our paper
  • take out optical brighteners (chemicals), which are very energy-intensive, from our paper
  • continue our investments with a view to reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes
  • continue to recycle our waste
  • invest in renewable energies