Guides and catalogues

Even with the growth of e-commerce, paper copies of catalogues and guides still play a huge role in the purchasing process. Crucially, they continue to convey new ideas and showcase products to consumers, and can be delivered and used anywhere.
In fact, studies show that a great deal of online shopping starts with a catalogue.

The thin paper in our Prima range has a high level of whiteness and opacity, so it can be used to print catalogues with grammages as low as 28g/m2, without any layout or pagination constraints.

With catalogues displaying an increasing number of products, having less available space, and with postage costs constantly on the rise, Bolloré Thin Papers offers advertisers the perfect solution.

The outstanding print quality, unique feel, and the way our paper showcases your products with high impact, all work together to convey your brand’s image and superior products.

Lastly, by using thin paper, you can meet the ever-increasing environmental expectations of your customers, many of whom choose to buy eco-friendly products from companies that make the environment a priority, thus highlighting your corporate citizenship and commitment to the environment.

papier mince pour catalogues et guides

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