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PDL, Papeteries du Léman certified Nordic Swan

Following a certification process lasting several months, PDL was awarded the Nordic Swan (White Swan) eco-label for its range of Primabake baking papers last November.
Scandinavian in origin, this globally recognized environmental label with the most stringent requirements encourages sustainable product design and a reduction in the impact of economic and industrial activity on the environment.
Today, 20,000 products and services worldwide are Nordic Swan referenced.
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Nordic Swan: the pioneer and most recognized environmental eco-label

Originally created in 1989 by Norway and Sweden in order to offer consumers a guide to referencing ecological products, the Nordic Swan eco-label has set up the imperative criteria to be fulfilled by companies in order to guarantee that their referenced products have less impact environment than those not certified.

These criteria, regularly updated with regard to technological developments, are based on a complete analysis of the product life cycle.
This takes into account the environmental impact:

  • raw materials, from their extraction to their transport to the place of production,
  • the manufacturing process and the energy consumption linked to production,
  • conditions of use of the product,
  • waste treatment and recovery.

Obtaining the Nordic Swan ecolabel for the entire range of Primabake baking papers was facilitated by:

  • on the one hand, the use of raw materials previously certified Nordic Swan and local supply,
  • on the other hand, a low carbon balance (GHG emissions in air and in water) resulting:
    • transport and use of energy from biomass,
    • the reuse of our process water,
    • good control of our effluent manufacturing and treatment processes,
    • controls applied to our products and processes which guarantee consumers the availability of a product that complies with regulations and food requirements.
Nordic Swan Ecolabel