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PDL, Papeteries du Léman obtains Nordic Swan Ecolabel

In November last year, following a certification process of several months, PDL was awarded the Nordic Swan ecolabel for its range of Primabake baking papers. This internationally recognised environmental label is of Scandinavian origin, and has extremely strict certification requirements that encourage manufacturers to design their products in a sustainable way and reduce the environmental impact of their economic and industrial activity.
Today, over 20,000 products and services worldwide are Nordic Swan ecolabelled.

Take a look at our ecolabelled papers:

15 years of commitment to sustainable development

An ecological pioneer and a driving force in the area of sustainable development, PDL (Papeteries du Léman) solidified its pioneering status by starting its journey towards certification. The company was the first thin paper manufacturer to:

  • obtain FSC certification (2005)
  • perform a Life Cycle Analysis (2008): evaluating the environmental impact of its products and reducing its carbon footprint
  • choose its suppliers by how sustainable they are and how energy-intensive their practices are
  • integrate eco-design into product development

PDL manufactures its paper in a way that’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Over the last 15 years, the company has been working towards various certifications, demonstrating how their design processes, manufacturing facilities and the source of their raw materials meet the most rigourous environmental management standards.

Nordic Swan: the most renowned ecolabel

Initially established in 1989 by Norway and Sweden, the aim of the Nordic Swan ecolabel was to give consumers a way of distinguishing products that had been produced sustainably. The ecolabel implemented a set of strict criteria that companies had to meet in order to ensure their ecolabelled products had less of an impact on the environment than non-ecolabelled ones.

The criteria are regularly updated to reflect advances in technology, and are based on a comprehensive assessment of a product’s entire life cycle.

The assessment considers the environmental impact of:

  • raw materials, from their extraction to their arrival at the manufacturing site
  • the manufacturing process and energy consumption associated with production
  • the product’s conditions of use
  • the treatment and recovery of waste.

The entire range of Primabake papers obtained the Nordic Swan ecolabel, mainly thanks to our:

  • local procurement and use of Nordic Swan pre-certified raw materials
  • low carbon footprint (level of greenhouse gas emissions in the water and air), as a result of:
    • transporting and using biomass energy
    • reusing our process water
    • managing our manufacturing and wastewater treatment processes properly
    • strict checks on our products and processes, allowing us to guarantee consumers that these meet food safety laws and regulations.
Nordic Swan Ecolabel