Our mission

Our mission is to produce thin paper in a way that uses fewer natural resources and generates a lower amount of greenhouse gases emissions, and as a result, to offer outstanding products with excellent print quality that meet the publishing industry’s needs.

In today’s global economy, where environmental and financial performance are closely linked, smarter resource management is crucial.

By using thin, lightweight papers, we do more than just support sustainable forest management and recycling initiatives. We are actively helping to preserve natural resources and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions into our waters and the atmosphere.

papeteries du léman environnement

What exactly is “thin paper”?

Thin paper, also called “lightweight opaque paper”, is high-quality, wood-free paper ranging from 22 to 65 g/m2 in grammage.
This permanent paper is much more age-resistant than Lightweight Coated Paper (LWC), a thin, wood-containing paper made from mechanical pulp.
Our thin paper has a smooth surface and high opacity levels, making it ideal for high-quality printing, with far less impact on the environment.

Thin paper offers high opacity and low strike-through, glossy and white, with intense contrast between inks. The calibre of print is astonishing in black and white as well as in colour, and its runnability, for the most part, is just as good as that of standard paper.

The benefits of our paper here at Bolloré Thin Papers? It’s silky smooth and soft to the touch.

Using thin paper reflects your commitment to the environment

Today, consumers are increasingly opting for products that are manufactured responsibly, with the environment in mind.

By using thin paper, you’re helping to keep our planet clean and showing that your company takes its social responsibility seriously.