Primalux is a pigmented wood-free paper, available from 28 to 65 g/m2.

Its whiteness makes it truly stand out, and it has a higher opacity than other similar products on the market.

The quality of its surface, as well as its shade, results in an exceptional standard of colour print.

Primalux is the perfect solution for anyone in search of a lightweight, coated, high-quality paper.

In terms of reliability and runnability, it has won over rotary print operators around the world, who consider it the gold standard on the thin paper market for high quality colour printing.

Primalux is perfect for catalogues, travel guides, illustrated dictionaries and legal and religious texts.

papier mince pour guides touristiques


  • Exceptional whiteness for outstanding colour print quality
  • Very high opacity, ensuring low strike-through
  • Excellent runnability

Environmental benefits

  • Lower grammage helps to reduce environmental impact significantly
  • Instead of using titanium dioxide, Primalux is made with precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), an abundant resource that captures CO2 during production, thus reducing emissions
  • Made to FSC® or PEFC certification standards on request

Primalux Hi-brite specifications



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