This high-quality offset paper has been specifically designed for digital printing, and is the first range resulting from the close collaboration between Bolloré Thin Papers and major manufacturers of printing equipment.

Whether used for monochrome or spot colours, it’s a great choice for printing financial or corporate reports, to name just a few examples.

The Primaone range is available in white in 39, 40, 45 and 50 g/m².

It is also suitable for printing loose sheets used for updating legal publications.

papier mince pour littérature scientifique


  • Lower grammage than the standard paper used for digital printing
  • Excellent runnability
  • Bulk of 1.17: the paper is thin, so it’s ideal for printing publications with high page volumes
  • Its high opacity makes it suitable for double-sided printing
  • The paper’s exceptional surface guarantees an excellent print quality
  • Superior texture and feel

Environmental benefits

  • Lower grammage helps to reduce environmental impact significantly
  • Developed using an eco-design process with strict environmental and technological constraints specific to digital printing

Primaone specifications