A century of savoir-faire

Here at Bolloré Thin Papers, we offer solutions that make publications shine.

Indopaque, our bible paper, is the lightest bible paper in the world, and its outstanding calibre has earned Bolloré Thin Papers its reputation on the thin paper market.

Our thin paper is developed and manufactured using stringent specifications on opacity, so that even the richest images and the thickest fonts have reduced strike-through.

Just take a page from one of our thin paper reams and hold it to the light. You’ll notice that, unlike other paper, the fibres in ours are exceedingly smooth across the entire surface, ensuring a consistent print across each square centimetre of the page.

Over 25 years, Bolloré Thin Papers has set the bar high in terms of quality, consistency and runnability on the opaque thin paper market.

Today, we supply paper to some of the most prestigious publishing houses in the world.

Here in France, for example, we have been working in partnership with Gallimard for more than 30 years. We even ensured the success of La Pléiade, their iconic collection, printed on our Indopaque bible paper.
This paper was made to measure, in line with the client’s 19 exacting specifications (grammage, thickness, opacity, shade, colour, etc.),
thereby ensuring the impeccable quality of each book printed. In total, 17 steps were needed in order to bind one copy alone, without taking into account all the other equally specific steps required during printing.

As well as major publishing houses founded on literary heritage, like Gallimard, we also work with small boutique publishers who know just how important brand image is, and who strive to work with partners who share the same commitment to quality.

La Pléiade Gallimard Indopaque (2)
We promise our clients:
  • a strong partnership based on trust
  • open dialogue and full understanding of the constraints relating to printing, binding and the finish of high-end publications
  • that our staff are always there to help, and will ensure that each project receives the proper technical support and follow-up
  • bespoke solutions and redefining processes
  • technical improvements on an ongoing basis
  • consistency in the quality of paper.
For publishers, Bolloré Thin Papers is an essential partner