CSR, Social Responsibility

In addition to our work to reduce the impact our company has on the environment, Bolloré Thin Papers is also heavily invested in social responsibility.

For many years, we have been working with local and national partners to highlight their work, encourage people to read for fun, and to foster togetherness and good citizenship.

Partenariat Lire et faire lire responsabilité sociétale

Our CSR commitments

Bringing different generations together and sharing the joy of reading

Their motto, ‘For a nation of readers’, perfectly captures their aims: to share the joy of reading, promote active citizenship and bring people from different generations together.
Launched in 1999 by the writer Alexandre Jardin, Lire et Faire Lire has expanded its programme and now has branches in all 96 regional départements in France and the 6 French départements overseas.

Lire et faire lire has two main objectives:

  • an educational and cultural objective that mirrors the French Ministry of Education’s priorities to improve literacy and language proficiency, by promoting children’s literature to kids and teaching them about France’s strong literary heritage.
  • an intergenerational exchange objective, aimed at encouraging friendship between children and older people and getting them to learn from one other.

The Lire et faire lire programme calls on volunteers aged 50+ to share their love of reading with the children by asking them each to come in once a week during the school year, where they lead twenty-minute ‘story time’ sessions for a small group of kids.

The volunteers go in to read at various educational facilities (schools, colleges, leisure centres, libraries, etc.) as approved by educational authorities.

We have been supporting Lire et faire lire 74, our local branch of the association, since 2013. This particular branch was created in 2005, and today has 100 volunteers.

As well as providing financial support, Bolloré Thin Papers also helps to organise regular local events such as story time sessions, creative workshops, kids’ book fairs, and many others.

Promoting sport and its values: togetherness, support and wellbeing

Taking part in the Allingeoise
The Allingeoise is a race that takes place every year, with its proceeds going to organisations that strive to improve the lives of young people with disabilities.

Bolloré Thin Papers goes beyond merely providing financial support; a lot of PDL’s employees are involved in the event, with many taking part in the race or helping to organise it.
For many of us, the Allingeoise has become a family get-together that’s in our calendars every year; and one not to be missed!
Everyone who takes part in the race wants to help children living with disabilities, and that’s why they’re involved, it’s not about breaking sporting records.

Our partnership with James Sport Santé
James Sport Santé is an association of health and fitness professionals that aims to promote exercise as a way of maintaining your health and wellbeing.

PDL has been one of its sponsors since 2018 and helps to organise the Sports Day for All. The aim: to get as many people as possible to do the walking route, with those who can walk without problems helping those who experience difficulties (either due to reduced mobility, age, disability or whatever it may be) to make it round the obstacles. The objective is to get all the walkers to cross the finish line together.