Ultra-light, high-quality papers that are particularly suited to monochrome or multi-color printing, such as publishing religious and literary works.


Indopaque and Indolux have established Bolloré Thin Papers’ reputation for thin opaque papers. Weighing in as light as 15 lbs basis weight, their superior reproduction characteristics and low strike-through means that publishers of high-page-volume materials, such as Bibles, can achieve a published piece that has an exceptional look and readability while capturing the environmental and cost benefits of thin, lightweight paper.


  • Optimized opacity for low strike-through and bleed-through
  • Exceptional sheet formation for easy run-ability
  • Humidity and age resistance
  • PPI guided thickness
  • Available in natural or ivory
  • Available from 22 g/m2 to 45 g/m2 basis weights (to 50 g/m2 with Primabible)

environmental aspects

  • Ultra-thinness significantly reduces environmental impact
  • Available made to FSC or PEFC certifications standards